Saturday, July 22, 2006

So much for my grandiose plans for catching up

, because we're literally heading out the door for the big annual van trip. Housesitter secured, clothes packed, food packed, gajillions of toys for MG packed, a dozen books packed, computer/DVD player considered and rejected, last episode (sob! gasp! and then sob! again) of 6 Feet Under watched and returned to the video store. And, incidentally, the first baby step towards my application for Canadian residency (woo-hoo! Summer 2007, here we come!) in the mail on its way to the Eff Bee Iyyeyyeyy. (I got fingerprinted yesterday. A story in itself. Tell ya later. Or, maybe not, I guess).

Back August 5th or so. Wish us luck. Have a great time. All you Blogher-ites, I can't wait to read about it, sorry I can't make it. I'll be on the beach, in the van, in the middle of nowhere, reading a young adult novel. Or maybe the copy of Between, Georgia that JUST came from the library, I think I'm the first one to get my grubby paws on it. (And Badger, I'm taking that Lois McMaster Bujold you recommended. Finally, time and focus to read it!)

See you in a couple of weeks. And a happy Heart of Summer to all.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Littlest Existentialist

Much vacation- and Mermaid-Girl-related posting to catch up on. But first, a brief word from our sponsor, who this week is apparently Jean-Paul Sartre:

Mermaid Girl, *weeping*: Camille took down my special boxes and opened them up! Even though I told her not to!

Camille's Mom: Camille, your friend Mermaid Girl is saying something that you need to listen to.

MG: Camille, *sniff! sniff!* I don't like that you took down my *sniff!* special boxes.

Camille, *calm and slightly condescending*: Well, MG, one day we'll all be gone, and your special boxes won't be here, so why do you care?

MG, Me, and Camille's Mom: ?!?