Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving: Home Improvement Edition

More people and things to be thankful for:

  • RW and her dad, who spent all day Friday putting in the laminate flooring in our bedroom while I napped and "took care of Mermaid Girl."
  • The video of The Sound of Music, which MG watched twice on Friday, and which is responsible for the ironic quotation marks above.
  • Miter saws. RW's dad loaned us one, so we could cut the thirteen-- count 'em, thirteen--pieces of base molding required to cover up the gaps left by the laminate flooring. (Why thirteen, when we only have the standard four walls? Long story short: big closet.)
  • 45-degree angles. I'm not sure if "thankful" is the exact word. I've certainly never given 45-degree angles any thought before. But I have now. Did I mention who cut every one of those pieces of base molding last night and today? With a bad cold, even?
  • Wood putty. It really does cover a multitude of sins. I don't think I need to say any more. But if you're ever at our house, I'd be grateful if you wouldn't look too closely at any of the thirteen corner joins in our bedroom.

Best Quote of the Weekend, born of our mutterings as we crashed around with molding and wood putty, as heard by MG after immersion in the aforementioned Julie Andrews vehicle:

"Good enough for governess work."

And so it is. Going to take another nap now.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

That quote is priceless.

Caulk also covers A LOT of baseboard sins. I feel your 45 degree angle pain.

7:16 AM  
Blogger susan said...

She is too funny.

5:16 PM  

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