Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fortunately/Unfortunately: Thanksgiving Edition

Fortunately: I'm feeling better! Golf ball in throat: Gone. Fever: Gone. Headache: Gone. Desire to do nothing but lie around grouching: Gone.

Unfortunately: My family is also Gone, to our friend Cindy and her daughter Soralie's house, since four hours ago at the appointed departure time I did still have the fever, headache, golf ball, etc. and also didn't want to infect anyone.

Fortunately: I like being alone in the house.

Unfortunately: I think I've finally had enough of it, and they're still Gone.

Fortunately: They promised to bring be back a plate of Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Unfortunately: Did I mention they're not back yet?

Fortunately: Since I'm feeling better, this is the perfect opportunity to get started on the prep for tomorrow's Laminate Flooring project, to begin when RW's dad arrives with the rented saw at 8:30 or so in the morning.

Unfortunately: Um. See "Fortunately" above.

Fortunately: This is also the perfect opportunity to watch a movie RW doesn't want to see, at least until she and the Girl get back. Also, the perfect chance to post without being lambasted for antisocialness.

Also Fortunately: I had a dream during my fevered nap this afternoon that RW and MG and I were living with either relatives or friends, saving up until we had enough to get our own place. It was going to take another couple of years. I woke up feeling genuinely thankful for our very own cozy (albeit small and badly-carpeted) house, our own beds, our own sheets (in the dream I was worried about MG spilling something on our hosts' sheets) and my own family trying to be quiet so I could rest and get better.

And soon after I awoke, I was also thankful that during my nap MG had made me a five-page Get-Well-Soon book, with hearts on every page, and that she and RW had baked pumpkin-cranberry muffins.

They were still warm. I had three, with butter.

And that is not the worst Thanksgiving experience to have.

Happy Day, all.


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